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Sweetberry03:55:09 - November 30 2012
RE: RE: School in Dai Loc (Steve Scott) (Nan)
If the pulmonary funoitcn test came back and said mild asthma, your chances for a waiver are practically nonexistant, even with high ASVAB scores. If you have a current test that says you have asthma, the military doesn't care that you don't use an inhaler or can run and funoitcn normally (believe me, I had a letter from my doctor saying that exact thing and even adding that I no longer had any symptoms of asthma and I got disqualified at MEPS). The only reason I got my waiver is because I got a PFT that said I did not have asthma. If your recruiter is willing to put in for a waiver for you, that means you have a chance. If he says no, well that's the end. Sorry The people who say that any incidence of asthma after 13 is no waivers authorized are wrong. I got a waiver a few months ago for having bronchitis (that MEPS termed asthma) when I was 19. But, as I said, the waivers are given to those who currently test free of asthma.
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