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Hasime04:47:47 - February 22 2012
RE: Rodger Lee Egolf (Tom Bryant)
When he sits or does sinhteomg good jump up and down squeeling good boy!!!! and pet him like crazy, rub his belly, wrestle with him ect.. make him feel like he's king of the world for doing that. This will make your dog not rely on food rewards so much.Teach him these tricks! Theyre easy and fun.Paw: Gently shake his paw and repeat paw paw paw paw paw the whole time you shake it. Then give him a treat. Try this for about 10-15. Take a rest, then try again for 10 minutes and I guarantee your pup will know it.Turn around- Hold a treat above his head and swirl it in a circle making him turn around following it with his eyes. The whole time say turn around turn around.. eventually say turn around first and he should know what to do. Took my dog 5 minutes to learn this easy trick.Go to *Spot* Pick a place your dog is familiar with and allowed to sleep on (I have a couch for mine). Bring him over to the area and say SPOT as soon as he reaches it. Then walk away while he follows you and throw a piece of food on the desired spot and yell SPOT again. Keep repeating. (took me 3 15 minute sessions) another easypeasy!I have tons, but these should get you started! Best of Luck!!
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