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Andrey02:22:05 - January 18 2013
RE: RE: Reunion (Jim Vidrine) (chammlhc)
He had to have been talking about Carter. As USA Today wrote up, Bush is moslty likely talking about Jimmy Carter, as Reagan “was ill during Bush’s first term and passed away in 2004,” and Gerald Ford “stayed low-key until his death in 2006.” In 2006, Carter attacked Bush by stating he “quite often deliberately misled the American people about the danger in Iraq to begin with, the causes for going to war in Iraq, and they have also misled the American people about what is happening in Iraq since we invaded.” Then Carter attacked him again saying the Bush administration had been “the worst in history,” but later tried to walk back those remarks comparing him only to Nixon.Bush simply shrugged off the attacks saying that such criticisms were “just part of what happens when you’re president.” But not his White House spokesmen Tony Fratto, who called Carter's attack reckless and evidence he was now increasingly irrelevant. Reply
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