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Morton Hurt10:07:43 - March 12 2008
Operation Mameluke
I was the Platoon Commander of the 1st Platoon, B Company, 1st Tank Battalion on Operation Mameluke Thrust beginning on May 18, 1968. During the operation at a location where the road leading to the Thuong Duc Valley comes close to the hills bordering the Song Vu Gia River my platoon in support of the 1st Battalion 7th Marines became engaged in a fire fight with NVA units entrenched on the hillside. During the course of the engagement a unit of Marines tried to make their way from the base of the hillside to our lines situated along the road. They were struck by enemy mortar fire. All in the unit were either wounded or killed. I am trying to find any of the survivors. Thanks very much and Semper Fi
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