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Charles Abbey 434-974-198513:15:53 - November 11 2009
November 11,
I am a retired 1st Sgt of Marines that has been very luckly in life. However not a day of my life goes by that I do not think of November 11, 1969. As a member of Dalta 1/7 I was walking duce point as I remember, in Antana Vally not that far from Spider Lake. We had spend the Marine Corps Birthday, the day before in our company premiere resting and celabrating.

The next day while on platoon patrol we were hit and hard. We came apon these three very big rocks that we cleared of NVA and sort of made that our command post. Our company Gunny, gunny Richards while attending wounded marines was shot in the face, and was very seriously wounded. We fought very hard all day long and had a Huey Cobra shot down while supporting us. I believe L/Cpl Dias recieved the CMH for his valor that day.

If anyone remembers this fire fight and was there please contact me I would love to discuss in more detail as my memory needs to be refreshed.
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