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Anthony00:54:15 - September 27 2012
RE: RE: Nam 1969 (Laurel Pilcher) (Howdy)
Howdy’ LaurelLaural first, congratulations on joniing the Robots.I have been surfing your Blogs for 30 minutes while also searching for a contact information on your different web sites. So far with no luck.So why am I writing here.I did find on your 43Places FAQ the following statement: We think it is important that people who get value out of a community find ways to support that community, but we are committed to finding clever ways to make this happen. All I want is to try and suggest a new clever way to add value. I wanted to hook up with the correct Robot to discuss a simple widget that can bring value to many users, we call that the Travel Advisors' Network.I really appreciate it if you could help me get in contact with the correct Robot.I can be reached at the e-mail or URL above. (Has nothing to do with wine).Congratulations again and thanks.AC
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