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Muhammad15:08:04 - June 13 2012
RE: Marines 7th (Dave Meriwether)
I am maierrd to a Marine and we got maierrd before he joined the Marines but we dated for 3 years before he joined. Honestly, it's a tough thing to do. Get maierrd to the military isn't what you think it is. I hope you're getting maierrd for the right reasons. I mean, please don't offense to this but I see a lot of Marines that get maierrd just for the money. Service men get paid twice as much as a single servive men. It's also very tough to be away from your family. Also, the hardest part is watching your husband leave for deplyment. It's sooo hard. Also, you move around A LOT! I hate moving but the military will own your hubby for as long as he is in. My husband has been in for almost 4 years now and he is getting out already. He loves the Marines but the lifestyle is so hard for both him and I. I must admit that the Marines have changed my husband in both good and bad ways. He is no longer sensative to his or my feelings. They make them strong and turn them from boys to men. The military has it's benefits though. I can't say it's all bad .I just hope and pray that you'll be able to be strong and expect the unexpected because with the military you just never know.Anyway, I'm sorry I just went off with that .but I think you probably wait for a big wedding. You should have a civil wedding first at court before your hubby goes to boot camp (they pay him more if he is maierrd) and then once he picks up rank in the military he'll get paid more and you guys can save money and have a big wedding. He can also get maierrd in his dress blues! It's so romantic and an honor to marry a man in uniform. Anyway, that is my personal opinion. If you ever need a friend for advice .I'll be here! Good Luck with your wedding!
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