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mike riley16:02:49 - March 13 2007
March 15, 1967 ambush -LT KIA - did you know him ?
I was in 1st Platoon, A-1-7. On 3/15/67, 40 years ago this thursday I was on a recon patrol near the Song Tra Bong south of the A Co. C.P.. We had a LT with us. The LT was with the ONTOS team and he was patrolling with us to see if ONTOS could navigate the rice paddys etc. He was not part of our platoon or Alpha Co I don't think. We were ambushed and the LT was killed and Frank Sloat our squad leader was medivaced. We wanted to find out who this LT was. Does anyone know ? IF not how do I get a copy of the battle report or action report for this battle ?
thanks, Mike Riley

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