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Jaya07:36:29 - November 30 2012
RE: RE: Major Mark Leighton Re; R E Leighton (Jerry McIntosh ) (Ally)
I liked this show and I'm kind-of bummed that it isn't conimg back. I liked the characters and while the SFX wasn't always the greatest, it was very X-Files first season. Limited budgets sometimes don't lead to the greatest effects! But the show had heart. And if you suspended your disbelief for a moment or two, it had a sense of wonderment too. Like you were seeing something grand, discovering new life right there with the characters. That's what made this show, the characters. Rich and Laura were great Rich in his undying faith and Laura in her pragmatism. They had great chemistry and made the show work. Miles was another great character. Even though some of his scenes with Nim didn't always look right, he made it work as best as he could. Yes, this show had flaws. They all do. Lost wasn't perfect when it first began but ABC was willing to let it grow. I never got the feeling that NBC had faith in the show. If they had just given it a little TLC, this baby would have swam laps around other shows! But what we are left with is still really good! I'm totally going to buy this when it comes out.
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