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Jenny 13:01:41 - March 5 2010
Looking for friends of my
My father, Frank "Ski" Schimansky served in Vietnam, 2nd battalion, 7th Marines, Golf Company 1965-1967. My father was WIA and left Vietnam without saying good-bye to his brothers. He has been in contact with some who thought he died due to his wounds.

If anyone had served with my father, please email me. If you know of any sites I can search to find guys from his company, please let me know. My father needs closure and finding out what happened to his brothers will help.

To all that has served our country, God Bless you and your family. In the past few weeks, my father has finally started to open up about his years in Vietnam. What I have learned has forever changed me. You are all amazing men and women.

Semper Fi,

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