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Cinta20:47:12 - May 4 2012
RE: RE: Looking for Al Suto (Jack C Strickland (Strick)) (Alex)
I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. The dtocors did not give any advice except to stay away from sugar. My parents gave me anything I wanted, except sugar. It was that way for me until the 1980s, so I guess I can say I was slacking for 40 years, but I don't have to feel guilty. Hundreds of carbs every day, one shot of pork insulin, but no sugar. No complications either. Does anyone know why? I sure don't. Starting around 1990 I turned things around and had much better control. I found out I was supposed to follow a low carb diet. With the first 40 years of my diabetes life being a slacker, without knowing it, I sure don't want to press my luck now. I am extremely careful now, and it will stay that way until I am departed.
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