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Hanni04:54:45 - September 27 2012
RE: RE: Lookin ` for capt janay.. (Martin Galindo) (Bill Peters)
The key is to always let soemnoe know where you are planning to hunt and don't deviate from that general area without letting soemnoe know. then if you don't show up at an expected/reasonable time, they know where to start looking. Relying on cell phones in the thick NE MN woods is ridiculous. However, when you dial 911 (if you get signal) they will get your coordinates and the search team will be able to walk right to you (so stay in the same area you dailed 911 from). Finally DONATE BIG to your local Search and Rescue squad. They are not part of government and the equipment, technology, training, etc. that is purchased in order to rescue you is primarily from private donations. You NEVER know when you or loved one may need their help to return to safety. Believe me, you'd be willing to pay any price when lost so why not give to an organization that is there solely to search and resue lost hunters, campers, hikers, boaters etc
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