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Walmiria18:48:59 - October 26 2012
RE: RE: Lanny Phipps 7th Marines 1st batt (Alice Duffney) (Randy Cook)
Rating If you pay a $134 for this same piece of junk I bought on Amazon for 99 bucks a coulpe of months ago, you're being HAD worse than me !This Sengoku heater is a smelly, kerosene gulping piece of junk.It delivered on NONE of what it claims to do. 12 hours on a tankfull, more like 4 ! At over $5 a gallon where I live well ??? You have to have it turned up max' to get any heat out of it at all. It might heat up a sealed 10 x 10 room eventually, but your eyes will be smarting, and while you might not have noticed the fumes by now, try leaving the room to a fresh ventilated area and then return, the kero' fumes will really hit your nose ! The smell is pervasive and eventually permeates the entire house. (Note: This is all after following the Instructions to the letter . Providing adequate breathing ventilation in the room, and adjusting the flame per instructions, etc.). Mine came from Northern Tool. To whom I want to pay kudos for taking the thing back without any hassle at all. Even to the extent of not only refunding my initial purchase price and shipping. But also paying for the return shipping via UPS ! Redgardless of who you get it thru' if it's a Sengoku, stay away from it. I don't know if any of the other clones out there by any other name/brand are any good, but I'll not bother to take the chance.A kerosene heater ! Well, by any other name, is still a kerosene heater. My advice is, don't bother !!!
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