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Cidinho05:36:46 - January 18 2013
RE: RE: John Pearson (David Kensinger) (Rahmat)
Apr05diego salvador guys cilaratungtoons on the successful event (Takas sa Talisay) but just a comment…im a reader and researcher of local history (cebu) and i dont remember that an encounter took place between japanese soldier and the Americal Division on the shore of Talisay. There were sniper fire but it was cleared long before the American forces landed on shores of tangke talisay…in fact landing craft of Americal Division created a traffic jam for almost two hours a few meters from the shore due to mines planted by the departing japanese soldier, fortunately for the Americans this chances were not exploited by the japanese forces which could have given the American forces a heavy death toll.I hope next time a better research could be made in such that we dont deprived the new generations on what was transpired 67 years ago in Talisay.Thank you and more power!!!
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