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Gary Doc Eaton20:02:35 - April 6 2010
RE: I ain't lost! (Tim Phillips)
So,Bear, wasn't it on hill 22 that whenever I
walked over to 3 Pltn, 1 squad,that I Always got then-LCpl Lara when I said"I need someone
to burn the sh*tters." and wasn't it Always
you or Crow!?! and Crow always wore his Gas
Mask! & cussed .You growled.! But didn't up
in mile-high BaNa make up for it! oorah! Water run = 15 minutes downhill to waterfall
with empty 5- gallon cans,45 minutes up Full!
And one firefight = squad got rushed by 12, we safe and got 4 confirmed kills =Wild PiGs!
My 1st reunion 2008, will drive to RichmondVa
I joined Alpha June67, to Batallion jan&feb68
Those dudes were scared crazy! Any loud fart &the siren goes off & all to the bunkers or
pipes! that's when I asked Dr Hines if I could go back to Alpha=okay. I left Op June 2
stationed at Bethesda Naval = Met 12 Alpha
patients. You left August = early ? wounded?
Also at 2008 heard you as career Marine!Yes?
Semper Fi! not much contactwith 1/7s = James
Ignas/gut-mortar june3'68, and nick Seeley.
Like you, want to hear from 67-ers. Other
contact to me = 914 Roslyn Ave. , Cambridge,
Maryland 21613. house phone 410.228.9413.,
with wife Dawn & grand-daughter Sierra, 8
sausage dogs/dachsunds, & 12 cats & 100% ptsd
And I ain't lost either ! Just aint been found ! So what work for who you do in Irag?
And who has the best sikloo girls?1! contact.
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