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Amany22:08:04 - July 21 2012
RE: RE: Hai Van Pass (Mike Urbanitch) (Hannah)
Hey there! First thing I've got to say is that the About a Boy sweater you knetitd is fantastic!! Me and my friend watched the film years ago, and ever since I've been looking for one on ebay or similar but couldn't find one anywhere, then I tried looking for patterns and had no luck either. That's actually how I found your site I googled About a Boy cardigans and found this site. I wanted to make a plea for you to change your mind about the knitting pattern as I really have been looking for ages to find one and it's amazing! It seems no one else has tried to make it! Well done on your fantastic project, and my email is and I'd really really appreciate if you could share your pattern. Thanks a lot!Jenny
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