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ISSA Joyner11:54:13 - March 12 2009
HM2 Eugene S
HM2 Eugene "DOC" Hancock was not only my great uncle, but is also my hero. I'm an Intelligence Specialist in the USN and he is the reason why I joined. He was also the reason why my mom joined and served as a corpman for six years. He died serving his country and protecting his brothers in arms during Vietnam. He was only in combat for two days before he was killed but in those 48 hours he saved four marines. He is why I am proud to say I serve in the world's finest Navy and not a day goes by that I don't think about his heroism when i here taps, are saluting the insign or reciting the Sailor's Creed. If you knew him or served with him, please, email me or write a tribute to him. I've told so many people about him including giving presentations for local high schools or for GMT for sailors and marines, I would still love to hear anything people have to say about. Thank you.
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