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Richard Flick13:48:51 - October 1 2010
H 2/7 1969 -
Any of us still alive, other than myself? ... Would just like to say SEMPER FI if any more of you out there still breathing. Would have been nice to have at least visitted LZ Baldy, or Ross once every couple months instead of taking that fire from Hill 270 ... Didn't matter how many mortars we laid on the top of 270 ... the fire kept coming. Yes, it is revealed .... we WERE in Laos for a spell as well, to nobodies great surprise, regardless of what the maps claimed was RVN. Just drop me a line to say SEMPER FI, and I will write back.

Remember ..... ONCE A MARINE, ALWAYS A MARINE .... No frauds please ... you will be exposed
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