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Kyungeun13:54:01 - October 26 2012
RE: F/2/7 reunion 2013 (Gary Rood)
Hi there,First I have to say that you have a very special gift and such an astirtic eye. I can really feel the emotion in each photograph; something I really value in a photographer and the reason I send this email.Last April I proposed to my boyfriend while we were scuba diving in costa Rica, it was amazing, something neither of us will ever forget. Mainly because we're both bloody scared of water. We concurred our fears and got engaged all in the span of 2 hours. We’ve been best friends for so long, it only made sense to want to share the rest of our lives together We have decided to set our commitment ceremony for sep 8 2012. Because both my fiance9 and I are huge campers, nature and adventure lovers, we will be doing our ceremony and reception on my family's property. It is located on the Bruce Peninsula, Dyers Bay to be exact. The property is only minorly developed with a small cabin. There is no running electricity, we use only solar, generator and oil lamps. I'm not sure of the amount of people that will be attending I will assume over 100 under 200.We plan on hiring tents, but we are trying to keep it as eco and natural as possible. Because we are having it in September the leaves will have started to change (we love autumn) and it will be a great back drop to our special day. The actual land that we will be using is set back in the forest about 1/2 a km. In saying that, if you do have the available space for us Would you be able to accommodate this type of location and settingWe are trying to keep our budget down, is there any way you would be able to quote us different options i.e. with print and without?We hope to hear back!Thanks for your timeMelissa and James
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