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Aubreyann13:24:27 - September 27 2012
RE: RE: RE: Easter Sundy CLC 5 (Clp Beal B-1-7) (thom towell) (Ron )
What a fantastic preintr! After spending a small fortune over the past 6 years with two top-of-the-line Epson Photostylus inkjet preintrs, I'd had enough when my R1800 started chewing through 50% of the 6 ink cartridges it has just trying to get the nozzles cleaned .all at $14/cartridge. So I did a little research and found the CP2025dn brand-new from HP. What a joy! I just hung it off the home router with its network interface and leave it on 24 hours a day. It goes into sleep mode (from which it only draws a couple of watts of power) yet it immediately wakes up begins printing within about 20 seconds. AND it doesn't clink and clang and make all kinds of fuss: it just prints! This is in what I would call an medium intensity home office or very intense personal use. Four people are using it, 3 from windows, 1 mac and everyone loves it. Using the HP glossy laserjet photopaper it even produces decent pics not near what an R1800 would do BUT at a fraction of the cost, about 50x as fast, they're totally waterproof, and the quality is easily good enough for a school project, to mail pics to relatives, photobooks etc. But that's not the main thing it will be used for with prints from CVS and others only costing 10 or 15 cents for a 4 6. Being that the inkjets seem like nothing but cash-cows for the preintr manufacturers and the outrageously small number of pages that one gets out of a set of cartridges and the fact that the vast majority of printing is not for photos anyway but day-to-day text/graphic use, laserjets seem the only way to go. From that perspective, this feels like the best money I've ever spent on a preintr and I HIGHLY recommend it you won't be sorry.
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