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Sal04:57:37 - September 27 2012
RE: RE: RE: Easter Sundy CLC 5 (Clp Beal B-1-7) (thom towell) (Polyana)
Well, there is mono as referred by the diiagtl shooters and there are Black & White negatives.But I will address the difference between color and B&W; it sometimes becomes more personal since we can only address the form and tone of an image when B&Wand not be distracted by Medusa herself, color.There is nothing more clitche than a crisp, in focus color image. Not that I don't strive for that on a regular basis! However, the less one needs color, focus and sharpness to make a point, the better, I feel is the over-all photograph. Usually.When I shoot diiagtlly, I typically make a B&W and sepia conversion of my portraits. Within the same session, sepia make work on one image and B&W better on another. And, for what ever reason, color sometimes appears best to convey the picture of the 3.I find this fascinating also, some subjects appear to accept sepia better than b&w, some better with B&W over sepia, over all. I don't fight it I just sit back and observe.For those of you who never shot real B&W film, do yourself a favor and shoot some street or formal portrait session with the offerings from Ilford, Kodak, & Fuji. Spend a little time and money in your craft and learn what real B&W photography is away from the comfort and safety of Photoshop :)
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