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Steve ""Motown"" Lama08:15:16 - April 20 2014
Easter Sunday
On the other side of the Van Tuong peninsula,in the last rice paddy before the village of the same name as the peninsula,a site where a fierce battle was fought during Operation Starlight in 1965 , 8 men and a hospital corpsman were ambushed , killed , and mutilated by a numerically superior Viet Cong force.We could here it clearly from the Bravo Co. CP not to mention the horrific radio traffic coming from our guys.They were our guys,it was our ville , and we all share the loss.Bravo Co. 1st Bn. 7th Regt. sent out the sparrowhawk,arty caught many of the Victor Charlie in the open and air strikes got many more but nothing will bring back the men of CAC-L5.The names and after action report are available.The report was written by our webmaster Vic Villionus.Rest in peace Marines.You will never be forgotten.
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