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Kimberly10:35:39 - June 13 2012
RE: Easter 1967 (Steve Lama B-1-7)
The pictures are btueuifal! They brought a tear of happiness, seeing how btueuifal Melissa looked!!!!You did a fabulous job capturing the special moments at the Wedding. Looking at the photos, you would never have known it rained!! I can't wait to see the rest of them!! But first I have to say,being the new mother in law and all when you have such a btueuifal young lady and a handsome man for your subjects, taking the photos is easy!! Seriously, all joking aside, Tammi Melissa, I loved all the pictures from the engagement photos in LBI to the wedding photos at Skytop! I would recommend your services for anyone who is looking for a fantastic, caring photographer for their special event, and give you a 5 star rating!!! Thank you for taking care of my son, and his new bride on their special day!!!!
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