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Sarki15:00:35 - November 30 2012
RE: Chris Morrey (Gary Bain)
Glad you are perfecting the art of sneipelg while Asher is down. When you need rest the most it usually backfires. Hang in there Mom and Dad. There are restful days ahead. We just don't know when! We closed cabins this past weekend. Don't know where the summer went. Jenna and Abby both busy with volleyball now. Abby was voted the only 10th grade Homecoming Attendant by the kids in her grade. We are so excited. Now she needs a full length gown for coronation on Oct. 3rd. Luke has a babysitting job after school for the brother of volleyball player, so he is busy. Sam and Mark still have mowing jobs with Papa after school and soon it will be getting all the leaves up. Take care. Lots of Love.
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