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Kiko17:41:41 - May 4 2012
RE: RE: RE: RE: Charley CO. wounded (Stan Tyre) (Winter) (Zarya) (Dina)
It is absolutely fact, autohlgh not everyone is the same. If you supplement or only breastfeed for a short period of time, you might not get the same results.I lost all of my baby weight from both of my children very quickly when breastfeeding, but I was also a stay-at-home mother who breastfed her children exclusively with no supplementation. My daughter breastfed with no solids for six months, and then continued to nurse until she was 11 months old (when I got pregnant again). My son was breastfed exclusively with no solids for almost 8 months. He's 16 months old now and still breastfeeding.I think if you talked to different people who breastfed, you might find that their results correlate with the extent to which they breastfed (for instance someone who only breastfed for two weeks will probably complain that it wasn't true for her).
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