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Rupali09:04:24 - September 27 2012
RE: RE: B(1/7),CONSTIEN, DOWD, BETHEL, HUFFMAN, WEH (Helen M. Pipkin) (thom towell)
Some winter dnviirg advice from someone who grew up in Maine:- Slow down! If it's cold enough to snow chances are it's sticking to the streets and creating an ice condition. Your brakes don't mean squat if you need to stop quickly. Especially on the streets where they don't sand/salt/plow.- Quit the tailgating! Is this something they teach/recommend out here? Leave a few car lengths between you and car in front of you when conditions are bad. - Pump, not slam on your brakes. Coming up to a red light, or down a tricky hill? Brakes are ok, just nice and easy. Harsh application will cause you to slide and your abs to kick in (which is unpleasant enough).- If you are sliding don't panic. Front wheel drive vehicles, you can steer out of it and correct, apply a little gas slowly. Fishtailing slow application of the gas, let the weight of your front (heavy) end of your car do the work. - Sliding backwards try not to hit the curb (or a bus, another car, me, etc) as it won't add much traction to you your best bet on an icy slope is to aim for the area less compacted (icy). I'll take the snow in the middle lane of a street over flattened treaded snow on a hill. - Get behind a tractor trailer or other heavy vehicle and stay in their tracks. Their weight is blowing snow/water out of their path. Keep it nice and easy we all need to get there, and in bad weather, time IS NOT the essence.Sorry, don't mean to rant, but I saw some scary stuff out there today!
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