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Rick Roth11:08:56 - January 3 2010
Apha Co. 1/7, all of '
Is any one from Alpha Co. from "69 going to the 2010 reunion? It's been so long, that I am not sure, but I think I was in 3rd platoon. I would love to go this year, but only if I can see people I actually served with.

I am also looking for the name of a guy who was killed early on in '69 by a sniper bullet while we were on patrol. I can remember the day like it was yesterday, but I cannot think the guy name who was killed. We were on a squad patrol and this Marine was walking point and I was walking 2nd guy. There was a single sniper shot and he took the hit while we were walking along a dike next to a big hedge. He died before the med-avac arrived.

Also, you are still missing the name Spencer Kapitan from the list of Marines who have died sence the war. Spencer died about 8 years after he returned from Viet Nam. He was first wounded in the rocket attack on the hill and after he returned to the unit, he was hit by a m60 (friendlty fire) and he eventually made it home in late '69. He died while living in California in '78 or '79.

Semper Fi. Rick Roth
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