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Dave Sullivan11:39:13 - May 15 2016
Alpha 1/7
To all Marines who served in Vietnam with Alpha 1/7 during the years 1966-1970, your assistance is needed. Your service in Vietnam, when mentioned in previously published works dealing with the Marine Corps experience in Vietnam amounts to a few paragraphs and do not give you the recognition you deserve. With your help, that oversight will be remedied.

Alpha 1/7 Vietnam veteran Ron Fieseler and I ask for your recollections and scans of images to be used in our proposed full length book on Alpha 1/7 in Vietnam. This book will have as its foundation the two-part article we had published in the Journal of the Company of Military Historians. We’ll be happy to send electronic copies of the article via E-mail to any interested Marine. If you decide to contribute, please send your recollections via Word doc E-mail attachments to Photographs must be 5 x 7 inches and at least 300dpi and with identification of the subjects or places. Include one of yourself, preferably your boot camp graduation photo. Photos of Marines who lost their lives in Vietnam are particularly needed for the Roll of Honor section of the book. Questions? Please E-mail me.

Dave Sullivan
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