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Ardhian06:41:19 - May 4 2012
RE: RE: Alfred Garcia (Ken Herrmann Jr) (aigtspj bixge)
I've far too many Herrmann favorites to list here, but I'm paitral to the 7th Voyage of Sinbad/Jason/Mysterious Island/Journey to the Center of the Earth era, his Twilight Zone stuff and of course his collaborations with Hitchcock (too bad about Torn Curtain, though - both it as well as Frenzy would have benefited from his music). From his later work, both Obsession and Sisters are brilliant, brilliant scores. Sisters scared the hell out of me (and it's still one of DaPalma's best films, warts and all) and Obsession is depressingly great thanks to the soundtrack spiraling downward like Cliff Robertson's character in the film.Then there's the Truffaut films... also amazing and in a way, you could hear Bernie almost thumbing his nose at Hitchcock in those scores for Fahrenheit 451 and The Bride Wore Black...On a goofy side note, I once heard the Ramones described as "The Bernard Herrmanns of Punk" because they did so much with so few chords (which made me laugh because it's sort of true)...
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