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Dennis R. Lenz12:15:12 - September 17 2006
The VA says i am dying. Was in Agent Orange Lawsuit.Medical records state i was exposed to AO.Currently have liver disease, gall bladder disease, heart disease, chloracne (38 years).Had cataracts both eyes. Brain was damaged-seizures some 35 years.Vegetative state 15 years. Bell's Palsey (on list of rare diseases). Arthritis & rheumatism.Unable to do much of anything.
Growing weak & trying to hang in there.Last year entire bottom of left foot rotted off down to the muscle.Diabetes Mellitis diagnosis. God Bless all Agent Orange Victems. The mental & physical pain of this disease is well known to those who suffer it.
Take quite a few medications.Wanted to say something in case i don't make it. Semper Fi
to all you 7th Marines & to Vietnam Vets everywhere. Trying to battle with VA just to get medications. Some days wonder why i struggle to live-so tired of this pain.
Dennis R. Lenz; B 1/7; Grunt in Nam 1967-1968
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