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Dave20:21:49 - September 26 2012
5beThere are two major reasons why all brehncas of the services have such stringent medical requirements. Actually, when you are taking your physical, the physician that examines a Marine applicant is more likely than not, the same physician that will examine a Navy, Army, or Air Force applicant. The first reason is because military service is both physically and physiologically demanding. Think about the cost involved to recruit, transport, train, test, uniform, provide dental care, feed and to educate each enlistee. An estimated $40,000 plus per applicant. Imagine what the taxpayers would say if after all that money spent, you had to be discharged for the same medical reason you had prior to your enlistment. That now brings me to my 2ND point. Regardless of how much time you had on active duty and the fact your injury was prior to your enlistment, you would be entitled to Veteran's Disability Payments, for the rest of your life. It's about the Benjamin's!!! Also, recruiters make mistakes, but they have both an Officer and a Senior Enlisted Personnel, checking on What it takes to get you in the service . Don't forget, their job as a Marine is to GET YOU ENLISTED. I am a formal Marine Recruiter (Retired) Be patient. Follow instructions to the letter so your application process will not be delayed any longer than necessary. Remember, not everyone can serve.
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