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Mauro20:37:18 - October 26 2012
RE: RE: RE: 30 April, 1969 (Bob Divine) (King) (Shahbaz)
would ultimately be linrneag Pelini's system, Bo calls the defense, dont let Carl's signaling in the call mislead you all into believing he is calling the shots.I'm sure this has been a concept and method for the Pelini's madness all along, Congrats to Carl, hire a solid OC and DC and have fun, you cant do much worse than Schenkleberger.Do you all believe Pelini is going to hire some hotshot DC to come into Lincoln and install his own version of a defense? Oh No, its Bo's way or the hiway.Any and all Stud DC's out there know this.This is why i believe Jimmy Williams would fit just nicely, he coached LB's with Bo in 03, he would be partial to letting Bo call the defense, great recruiter, and has been there.
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