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Shahbaz05:01:56 - March 21 2012
RE: RE: 30 April, 1969 (Bob Divine) (King)
There is no recruit, or mob of ruercits that can save this Pelini band of Ohio nimrods, a no name Brady Hoke just walked in at Michigan, who went 7-6(3-5) last year, and took a bunch of kids he had never seen before to an 11-2 record and a BCS Bowl game win.To top it all off, he managed to find a recruiting coordinator who just so happened to land him a #3 recruiting class.Brady Hoke doesnt even have a Great defensive mind' moniker.I just wanna puke.Bo Pelini's eyes are to close together, that should have been the first red flag.I would like to send an apology to all the players and future players of Nebraska football, for the ignorant decisions made by a couple old tired men, do your very best to get a good education, your football success will be minimal with the likes of Bo Pelini as your head coach, again I'm sorry.
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