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Madara01:20:08 - January 18 2013
RE: RE: RE: RE: 30 April, 1969 (Bob Divine) (King) (Shahbaz) (Mauro)
It’s Great to see the Big Red Passion is alive and well…!! I seem to have sparked many nrvees with my personal opinion. It’s nice to know there is so much passion for our Nebraska Football. For the record I’m not a young, ignorant fan who hasn’t seen Nebraska Football progress through the years. Yes I am old enough to have watched Bob Devaney coach. I remember watching the game of the century as a 10 year old. I actually was fortunate enough to play catch with Jerry Tagge while visiting a frinds house in Lincoln. Now that was bigger then life…..! In the early 70′s, I was part of a pack of little kids that would get in a huddle outside of one of the few gates at Memorial Stadium and all take off running in a attempt to get into a game. Most of us got caught but every now and then we got in so we could watch the Greatest Football Team we may ever see. Don’t take my opinion as a loose cannon, nut job blowing off steam. I Love my Huskers as much as anyone. Yes there is more to life then Football. Everyone in this thread has experienced many things much more important in our life’s. Thanks for all the response’s and opinion’s. Some sided with my take on Bo and others stayed the course. Either way I know all any of us want is the best for our beloved Huskers. Let’s hope this all works out and we continue to build back the Dynasty Bill Calahan tore down. Let’s go to Orlando and kick Steve S one more time!! That 1996 game against Florida was one of the best I have ever attended. Husker Nation is alive and well and GO BIG RED…………………….!!!!!!
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