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Mary09:52:39 - May 4 2012
RE: RE: 2d plt Delta 69-70 (Bill Peters) (Boris)
I've just started rendiag your essay on Chronicle of Higher Education and thinking about your project, and such projects generally, this is a pretty tentative comment on my part. You say a reason is One of our favorite reasons: Increasing the number and quality of e-books available to local library users. I'm wondering what model would return a fair return to authors and publishers. Best-sellers are a problem: Fiction or such books as memoirs of ex-presidents. As a seller of used books I found these are best deposited in a landfill, as the market price is .01 once a few months have passed and they are often so heavy the postage received for shipping does not cover the cost. Yet there is heavy demand. Such productions need to pay their own freight. I question use of public funds for distribution of such material. A few copies that can be discarded later is one thing; mass distribution of millions of copies quite another.Hope you find this feedback helpful.Fred Bauder
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