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Thom Towell08:29:53 - August 15 2002
RE: 1st Plt Bravo 1/7 (Sgt Rodney Shupp)
Rod, I was in bravo .1st plt. from June 66- july 67. Welcome home Bro. Alas, there are very few names that I remember. I remember the dead but not to many of the living that were there in your time frame. Gunny Wade was still there at that time. I spent most of my time back and forth with the CAC unit until we moved up north. I was the guy that was always playing the guitar and making up songs. I was the 1st squad leader from March until I left in July. Most of my buddies bought it in the Easter ambush outside of Phouc Thein. We probably shared a bunker watch or two. It's great to hear from anyone in Bravo. I was in DC for our reunion in May it was great. I plan to be in Vegas in04 for the next one. Start planning go and the first drink is on me. Sempers Thom
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