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Odilbek09:25:17 - March 21 2012
RE: 1/7 h&s comm fac in chuli 66 to67 (joe eibl)
hi alli am the use of HTC P3350 olmibe. its not a olmibe its actually a pocket pc. and PDA.its a superbmobile i have ever seen. i recommand that one should use like these olmibe.its better thatn black berry. wide screen, music quality is quite good. as well as it is compatible with Motorola Handsfree wireless bluetooth device.only drawbacks are camara quality is not so good compared to sumsung has 2 MP camara but as compared to other olmibe quality is poor. as well as it has no infrared. bluetooth is there.overall superbmobile. windows media player supports 3gp, mp3,mp4 formats also. i can download full movies and can watch on my olmibe without any problems. sound streaming is also fine.
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