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Marisvaldo09:18:01 - October 26 2012
RE: RE: 1/7 h&s comm fac in chuli 66 to67 (joe eibl) (Odilbek)
, I like bits of it and most likely will be hianvg it as a hobby.I know many people who wish that they had the courage to do something creative and artistic and it annoys them that I have the opportunity and the talent but want to do something ordinary and dull . So I have very few that encourage me in this pursuit of my dream, and crowds of people who try to put me down in so many different ways. Like they say that I am in denial of my true desire which they say is to become an artist. But it is not me who is in denial, it is them.I know no greater joy than that of helping someone realize something deep in themselves, to see them open and transform infront of your own eyes. I know no other way than to follow this dream.Actually I read many of these motivational how to reach your dream stuff and realized that I have already been doing all those things they say are pivotal: I live and speak as though I've already reached my goal. I never ever refer to myself as an artist but as someone who wants to study psychology . All the books I read concern psychology, most what I search in the internet. I work hard, extremely hard to get in, to pass the exam, and I enjoyed every bit of applying, the studying and the exam itself. I have my boyfriend helping me, and he has agreed to help me figure out what went wrong last year and to help me become better at those bits. So. I wish good luck for myself and others that have a rocky road or even mountains between them and their dreams.
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