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Iordache05:21:42 - March 21 2012
RE: RE: 1/7 h&s comm fac in chuli 66 to67 (joe eibl) (tcnjtwkca)
Coach, I was fortunate ugoenh to be able to run Boston twice so far, both times for charity. So, I didn't have to qualify, just raise money. I was able to run with a number, though, which was great because I was able to see my time every mile.This didn't mean I didn't want to run a good time. Training in the winter is difficult and can really get you down. Running with a buddy would certainly help. I ran a lot inside, actually, on a treadmill. It's extremely boring!My first Boston (and first marathon, ever), I ran 4:27:10. My second, a year later, was 3:56:15. I had hoped to get under four so I was really, really happy. I had paced myself perfectly but I still wasn't sure I could finish even when I was already on Boylston Street.I just turned 45 so my qualifying time for Boston went from 3:20 to 3:30. This has incentivized me to run Boston again, for charity, but try to run fast ugoenh to get a finish time that would qualify me.Dropping 30 minutes between 1st and 2nd runs was difficult. Dropping another 30 now seems practically impossible.
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