Hanoi Hilton

"Maison Centrale" French for "Central Home or Building", the infamous Hanoi Hilton were many of our POW's were kept in North VietNam. This picture was taken in 1997.

Face Lift

A "new" look to the Hanoi Hilton, known as the Hoa Lo Prison by the Vietnamese. Picture was taken in March, 1999 and still reminds us of it's cruelty and inhumane treatment to our men that endured it in the past.

Guest Rooms

The "Hilton" is a museum now, this is one of the many cells inside as well as displays of various items of torture which were used by the jailors.

On the Walls

As with most Communist displays there are pictures on the walls of our men. A close look one can see the man second on the left saluting with his "finger". They were all brave young men so many years ago.

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