Hill 41

Some members of the 2nd Platoon of Delta Co. on Hilll 41 in December1967.
Top row, left to right. Harris, Barnard, Bom Bom, Johnson, Kelly, & Dolihite. Kneeling in front, left to right. Sully Johnnie, Snipe, & Ochoa.


LCpl Jack Ochoa, on Hill 41, 17 Nov. 1967 ready to participate in the "hunt" for Charlie and earn his wages.

Hill 41

Home sweet hone. Time to get the gear squared away, grab some zz's before heading out on patrol again.

Hill 41

"Rocket away"....Marine fire power and a challenge to the RPG used by the enemy very effectively.

Photograph's on this page were donated by Jack Ochoa who was the Delta Co. 1st Bn 7th Marines in 1967-68.

Victor Vilionis

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