Marine Armor

The two tanks were stopped just outside Que Son village near LZ Ross April 1970, one of the tanks had lost it's track. After the tank track was put on we all got on the tanks went back to LZ Ross via Song Ly Ly area to Ross.

Local Villagers

Photo: Dane Williams talking to a soda girl name Susie,we had just left Ross,picture taken looking West before we get to the first ville.

Marines on Patrol

April 1970 going through the first ville from Ross

Marines on Patrol

At our turnaround spot ,we are heading back to Ross, picture is looking West as I am talking to Susie. She was the only Soda Girl that ever gave me a FREE soda, She was a very nice girl, I wrote her a few letters and gave them to her and it made her so happy,as if I brought a girl in the States a car, She wrote me back a couple of letters and I still have them today....Dane Williams

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