"The Great Eight"

[Standing in the rear left to right] Tom Adamson, Al Chamberlin III, Sgt. John McCreless Sqd Ldr. and Al Granados R.T.O. [In front] Billy Ranes, Joe Hamrick (Pointman), Steve McCashin, and Pedro Rodirguez (KIA 30 May 1968 on Operation Mameluke Thrust.)

Hill 55

Yours truly (Al Granados) and Larry Abrahamson on Hill 55 on "Palace Guard".

"Hill 10 Stand Down"

Using the area behind the mess hall for a steak BBQ....Swendson seated with a cover, Lowe with thumbs in his ears, Jones displaying a "peace sign", John Mills (retired as a SgtMaj.) with his arm around Wille Lee holding a plate.

"Having a Brew"

[left to right] Mike Seaborn holding a "Schlitz", Larry Johnson, and Fred Bullis.

Photograph's on this page were donated by Alfred Granados who was with Charley Co. 1st Bn 7th Marines in 1967 - 1968.

Victor Vilionis

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