Happy Valley View

Picture of myself (Al Granados) with a view of Happy Valley towards Khuong My (2), late December or January 68. In the rear Davis with an M-60, William Only with an M-14, and Liskey or "Lurch" without a helmet.

February 1968

Squad Ldr Bob Peak and myself carrying a radio with Happy Valley in the background.

Charley CP

Charley Co. staging for Operation Pursuit in the Company Area. February 1968.

"Operation Pursuit"

"Doc" Reiber seated on the bench in the middle, Paul Light (the rocketman) in the bush hat on the end. Ron Hires standing to the right of the Marine with no helmet wearing a pack, John Mills (retired as a SgtMaj) with the M-79 in suspenders to the right of Hires. Anyone recognize himself?

Photograph's on this page were donated by Alfred Granados who was with Charley Co. 1st Bn 7th Marines in 1967 - 1968.

Victor Vilionis

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