2nd Platoon "Delta" Co. 1st Bn 7th Marines

Plt. Cmdr. Lt. Peters addressing the troops prior to leaving his platoon 27 July 1969 while on operations in the "Arizona". First on the left seated, Ken Hollingsworth 1st Squad Leader, third Marine is "Pinapple", and Frenchy the 2nd Squad Leader.

Delta Marines 5 July 1969

While Delta Co. was staged to go across river into the Arizona, Lt. Col. Dowd stayed with us that night. The three Marines were part of a Ambush team comming back to our lines after Midnight. The point man and the other marines walked up on two sappers 20 yards from my hole crawling in One gook was killed and the other hauled his ass out of the corn field. The Marines are holding their trophies.

Photograph's on this page were donated by Ken Hollingsworth who was in the 2d Platoon, Delta Co. 1st Bn 7th Marines. If you are in this picture please contact Ken he would like to hear from any of his fellow Marines.

Victor Vilionis

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