The Face of Death

Death is never pleasant, this enemy Viet Cong was shot at close range with a .45 in the Arizona.


Viet Cong attacks were deadly on the local population. CAP C-1 was in Phu Loc (2) grid square AT 9156. This was what remained of the ville after the attack on 7-8 November 1967

Phu Loc (2)

It was evedent that the attack devastated the hamlet and many of the villagers hootches.

After the Attack

The VC Dead. This picture was taken 8 November 1967 at CAP C-1 located between Liberty Bridge and Hill 37

Death and Body Count

During the VietNam war it became an obsession to get a "body" count for the military. The enemy rarely left their dead on the battlefield and went thorough extraordinary efforts to recover their dead.

It was not widely known to most Americans but a large part of the Vietnamese belief and culture is to ensure that the dead person would have a proper burial or "their souls would never rest and wander forever".

When ever possible the enemy dead were buried and the graves marked for eventual recovery.

Victor Vilionis

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