"Somewhere on a quiet River""

A Vietnamese fisherman in a typical basket boad could be seen on a quiet river setting.

Fox Co. Marine

Albert "Pappy" LaValle on his third enlistment and second tour in Vietnam with Fox Co. Alberts first enlistment took him to Korea and War. After completing his enlistment he enjoyed civilian life until the hostilities began in Vietnam when he reenlisted and served with the 9th Marines.

He left the Corps again for a short period then reenlisted for the third time when he was assigned to Fox Co. 2d Bn, 7th Marines.

Hun's Inc - 2d Squad - Fox Co.

Albert LaValle's art graces the entrance to the 2d Squad's GP tent near DaNang.

Albert sketched, took many photographs and kept and extensive diary which his son hopes to publish in the near future.

Memorial Service

A Memorial Service by the 2d Battalion, 7th Marines being held to honor their Fallen Brethren who were killed in action during an operation in the Dodge City Area September 15 - 22, 1968.

During this short period H&S Co. suffered 1 Marine KIA, Echo Co. 1 KIA, Fox Co. 14 KIA, Golf 5 KIA and Hotel Co. 2 Marines KIA

Photograph's on this page were donated by Robert LaVallee, the son of Albert LaVallee who served with Bravo 1/9 and Fox 2/7 in Vietnam if you wish to contact him email: @:hill55@verizon.net

Victor Vilionis

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