The end of the road for "VC Hardcore" from the 1st VC Regiment, 28 July 1965

"In The Tall Grass"

First "Hardcore" encountered of 17 confirmed KIA on Operation Lien Ket IV 28 July 1965.

"Hotel" Co. 2nd Bn 4th Mar

Marines of "Hotel" Co. at their post on An Tan Bridge in Chu Lai. Left to right, Boggia, Petti, Holmes,Tramrchi, and "Doc" Bare.

Ed Garr has become a close personal friend, he began his career in the Marine Corps with "Dog" Co., 2nd Bn, 7th Marines in Korea where he was awarded his first Purple Heart.

In VietNam early on, he served with "Hotel" Co., 2nd Bn., 4th Marines as (GySgt) Ops Chief and rose through the ranks to become a Captain. On his second tour "in country" he was assigned to MP duty and served as the Provost Marshall in Da Nang, Ed is now retired, and lives wtih his family in Florida.

Ed is the current President of the "Dog Co." Association Korean War Veteran's, and you could view some of the photograph's from the Korean War Era by accessing the Dog Association web site.

Victor Vilionis

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