Qui Nhon

Greer, Kiergaard, Jim Kastner and Denis Curley relaxing in a field next to the University the day before Operation Stomp.

Amphibious Assault

After a 03:45 revelee, Marines boarded Amtrac'sand Landing craft for the 10 mile trip north for Operation Stomp. [Looking rearward] Kiergaard, next to him is Lt. Amish, and Greer is leaning in the photo.

Ky Son AO

Arriving at the jumping off point Marines swept the ville.


A VC trenchline in one of the villes swpt during Operation Stomp

Photograph's on this page were donated by Tom Miller who was in the Comm Platoon, H & S Co. 2nd Bn 7th Marines. Tom was wounded on Operation Harvest Moon in 1965 retired, and now makes his home in New Jersey.

Victor Vilionis

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