Qui Nhon

Scott McClellan and Ken Gorsky Comm Platoon 2nd Bn, 7th Marines. First week incountry, Ken is in the "prone position" and Scott is in "deep reflection".

Bn Aid Station

View from inside a hootch, the Battalion Medical and Dental facilities are in close proximity.

Comm Bunker

This was the Message Center at Qui Nhon from about August to October 1965

Swimming Hole

Swimming in the drinking water? Of course it was purified first, invariably we came out with some leeches but it was too hot to care.

Photograph's on this page were donated by Scott McClellan who was in the Comm Platoon, H & S Co. 2nd Bn 7th Marines. Scott remained in the Marine Corps until he retired, and now makes his home in Northern California.

Victor Vilionis

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